Adé Lang - Truly a blazer for all seasons

Adé Lang - Truly a blazer for all seasons

It can't be denied that investing in a regatta blazer is a big commitment. Knowing this, Adé Lang has created an elegant piece of regatta wear that is for much more than strutting your stuff on the river bank. Instead they have designed extraordinary jackets to be worn everyday. Their slim cut, lightweight blazers are a model of modern versatility.

Of course, this concept is not new. The very first sports jackets were designed to be versatile. They were part of the rowing kit of yesteryear, worn in and out of the boat. Today, this versatility remains. Adé Lang have created a jacket for all seasons; one jacket for the whole year.

For most of us, the time to wear a blazer is the summer. It is a stalwart of the regatta wardrobe. Worn with khaki chinos, white flannels or, for the more 'debonair,' brightly coloured trousers, this is the uniform for Henley Royal Regatta and beyond. For ladies, the blazer is just as important, especially during the unpredictable summer months in the UK. Wear the blazer over your beautiful outfit and take it off when the sun comes out!

Once your racing days are done why hang your blazer in the wardrobe until next year? Consider wearing your custom-made blazer beyond the river banks. What about the lunch with your girlfriend's parents or that vague dress code on the party invitation? Do you need to look smart but casual, fashionable and understated? Throw on a crisp white shirt, a pair of jeans, and your Adé Lang blazer. More casual ? How about donning a pair of shorts and a polo shirt? Your blazer will really add to that stylish, laid back look. Don't tell the Adé Lang tailors but I have heard that you can even roll up the sleeves when it is hot. Crocket and Tubbs eat your heart out!

Of course, summer is not the only season to sport your blazer. Autumn is when an Adé Lang jacket comes into its own. In the early autumn, the jacket will keep you warm but as frost begins to settle add a layer of luxurious cashmere or merino wool. A close-fitting jumper underneath your jacket will not only keep you toasty, it will complete your autumn look without interfering with the lines of your made to measure jacket. With a well-chosen sweater, your sports jacket comfortably wards off the autumn chill.

Fatima Huerta in Adé Lang Regatta Blazer

As winter sets in the adaptability of the Adé Lang blazer comes to the fore. The slim fitting nature of their design and their lightweight fabric means that it can be worn underneath even the snuggest of winter coats. Once back in the warm, show off your jacket as it comes in from the cold.

Roy Rodriquez in Adé Lang  Regatta Blazer

Whatever the time of year, the Adé Lang look remains elegant and polished. Buy your blazer ready for Henley Royal Regatta and reap the rewards all year round.
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