• Aug 30, 2017

I am sitting in the bar at the Leander Club surrounded by photographs of elite oarsmen and women who have represented their club and count... Read More

The dust has settled (or should we write puddles gone?) on another memorable Henley Royal Regatta. The rowing competition was fierce, the racing sp... Read More

This year Adé Lang will celebrate its second visit to the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta, a regatta as famous for its dress code as it is for its international racing pe... Read More

Year in, year out, the regatta season evokes the proud tradition of the rowing club blazer. Henley Royal Regatta, a pageantry of racing colours, is only a few weeks away and a... Read More

It can't be denied that investing in a regatta blazer is a big commitment. Knowing this, Adé Lang has created an elegant piece of regatta wear that is for much more than strutting your stuff on the river bank. Instead they... Read More

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